April 27–June 14, 2019
Subarctic Phase, a solo exhibition at Access Gallery curated by Katie Belcher

In keeping with the ephemeral nature of the photographic process, Karen Zalamea used a handcrafted 4×5 camera and lenses fashioned out of ice to produce her newest series of photographs, They are lost as soon as they are made (2015–). Working in collaboration with technicians to fabricate lens moulds, she used these moulds to freeze local water while in Reykjavík, Iceland. The work explores the possibilities of deconstructing the mechanics of image-making and of capturing the natural landscape with elements of nature itself.
Presented as part of Capture Photography Festival.

Opening reception: Friday, April 26, 7–9pm
In Conversation: Karen Zalamea with Katie Belcher: Saturday, May 25, 2–4pm
Access Gallery, 222 E. Georgia Street, Vancouver

December 2018
Karen will return to Iceland to continue the project They are lost as soon as they are made with the handcrafted 4x5 analogue film camera and improved ice lens moulds. The project will be presented in a solo exhibition at Access Gallery in April 2019.

August 2018
Photographs from Karen's ongoing project They are lost as soon as they are made are featured in Eitt andartak, a group exhibition of analogue photography. Organized by the Iceland Film Photography Association (IFPA) at Gallerí Fold in Reykjavík, Iceland, the exhibition features 11 guest artist photographers from Europe and North America, along with 7 association members. The invited artists were all residents of the SÍM artist residency who shared the IFPA community darkroom during the period of 2015-2018. 

Alex Ómarsson (Iceland), Andrea Pinheiro (Canada), Anna Niskanen (Finland), Ásgeir Ásgeirsson (Iceland), Barbara Reimer (Canada), Chris Reilly (USA), James Tómas Long (Iceland), Karen Stentaford (Canada), Karen Zalamea (Canada), Katri Naukkarinen (Finland), Laura Andrés Esteban (Iceland), Laura Koskinen Bennett (USA), Laura Valentino (Iceland), Lee Henderson (Canada), Magnús Karl Magnússon (Iceland), Melanie Kathryn King (UK), Miriam Frank (Germany), and Ýrsa Roca Fannberg (Iceland).

June 2018
An installation image from the Weathering series accompanies a text by award-winning author and critic, Ben Lerner, in the Summer 2018 print issue of Canadian Art magazine.
An interview with Ben Lerner about his craft, his observations on art, and the peculiarities of the art world can be read on Canadian Art magazine online.

April 2018
Reflecting on the exhibition When the sun rises, we keep the fire aflame, the Burrard Arts Foundation interviewed Karen on location photography, artistic process, and material handling.
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A look at Karen Zalamea's Burrard Arts Foundation Artist Residency in our Vancouver studio from January to March 2018.

March 2018
When the sun rises, we keep the fire aflame is listed in Canadian Art's Must-Sees in Vancouver.


This exhibition is presented as part of the Capture Photography Festival and is supported by a London Drugs Printing Grant.

January - March 2018
Karen is the current artist-in-residence at the Burrard Arts Foundation (BAF), which will culminate in a solo exhibition running from March 22 to May 12, 2018.
The BAF Residency Program exists to offer creative support and professional development opportunities to qualified artists. The BAF Residency Program is geared to nurture creative inspiration and facilitate the production of work outside of an artist’s normal environment through the provision of key resources such as studio space, equipment, supplies and an honorarium.

Read the Burrard Arts Blog: Vancouver Insider Series with Resident Artist Karen Zalamea